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Roll-off container

Roll-off containers
Roll-off containers in frame design are available in a wide variety of sizes and equipment variants.
Roll-off containers in frameless design
Roll-off containers in a weight-optimized, frame-free design are available in a wide variety of sizes and equipment variants.
Roll-off container type BRUNS-BOX
The high-performance container made of highly wear-resistant steel for heavy scrap use and demolition areas!
Roll-off containers type Futura
The robust container for special applications.
Halfpipe roll-off containers
Der unverwüstliche Abrollcontainer aus Hardox für den Abbruchbereich und Ihre Schüttguttransporte.
Roll-off containers type STRONG-BOX
The robust container made of highly wear-resistant steel for the construction industry.
Roll-off containers as plank bed
The multifunctional roll-off container for break general and bulk cargo.
The side loader for collecting waste and recyclables with your conventional container vehicle!
Side tipping roll-off containers as plank bed
Our roll-off side tippers turn your container vehicle into a three-way tipper.
Stackable roll-off containers
The logistical advantage of stackable containr lies in distribution traffic and the space savings at the depot.
Roll-off containers with sliding tarpaulin
The roll-off container for the weather-protected transport of general cargo.
Roll-off plattforms
Whether transporting construction machinery, transporting scaffolding and formwork or transporting logs, you will find the right roll-off loading floor here.
Roll-off containers for the fire department
With our container manufactory, we address the needs of the fire department, police, technical relief organization, rescue service, etc..
Roll-off container made out of stainless steel
The stainless steel roll-off container for sensitive and aggressive transport goods.
Roll-off containers made out of aluminium
When it comes to saving weight during transport, the aluminum container is unbeatable.
Household garbage container
The user-friendly closed roll-off container.
Roll-off containers with loading crane
In close cooperation with the crane suppliers, we deliver individual crane containers.
Storage containers
Whether as a pure storage, office, workshop container or a combination of these, we have the right version for every application.
City roll-off containers
Our small city roll-off containers offer the same product range and versatility that we offer with its big brother.
Roll-off containers for asbestos
For the safe and secure transport of materials containing asbestos.
Container covers
Here are the right container covers for your transported goods.

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